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We are a local firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants in Harrogate. We deliver a friendly, affordable service to individuals.

Bookkeeping From £35 per hour

To know how you are doing in your business you have to have some way to measure it.

There are some that keep all their business receipts and invoices, bank statements and bills in a plastic bag, or even stuffed in the glove box of their vehicle. Perhaps there isn’t enough time in the day to go through and write up the records, even with the best intentions. Maybe, the computer software that met the needs at the start of the business has been outgrown, or just doesn’t do what is wanted.

You may like to know how your business is doing, when you want to know. Nowell Associates can certainly help turn the paperwork into data, and then into information that is meaningful to you. That will be useful to you because it gives you more control in your business.

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